DSCN0212A picture speaks a thousand words or so they say  but pages and pages of just text doesn`t look very inviting and most people won`t read it.

I mean how could you do justice to the amazing corridor on the left at Gloucester Cathedral also used in the Harry Potter films as part of the Hogwarts school without an image.

Words only just wouldn`t cut it.

Therefore adding images makes it more pleasing to the eye and more interesting. If you can use a really good image or several images for each of your articles or posts research has shown you will get 94% more total views.

20130915_104143We live in an age where over 2.5 billion people now have camera phones and we are constantly taking pictures and uploading them to social media sites to share with people.

Here is an amazing fact, 10% of all the photos ever taken by the human race, that`s ever since the camera was invented way back in 1800s were taken in the last 12 months.

It is estimated over 880 billion photos will be taken in 2014 alone. A large percentage of these will be on mobile phones as they are so convenient and you rarely go anywhere without them.

So it`s a no brainer that failure to include images in all you articles and posts will most likely mean very few people, if any will read them.

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