A must have free tool to help you when making your own videos

clapper-board-692067-sHave you tried making your own marketing videos yet? If not its something you should consider many of the big marketers are doing it and it’s much easier than you think. You have two choices make a PowerPoint presentation of slides and just read out what it says on the slides, or appear in the video yourself and read off a pre prepared script.

Now before you panic and say I could never appear in a video just give it a try. Here’s how I do it, first you don’t need a state of the art camera, you can do this with virtually any video camera, at a push even your mobile phone. But ideally you want a video camera that can take an external microphone to minimize back ground noise and make sure you can be heard properly.

Another useful but not essential feature is the ability to turn around the screen so it’s facing you, so you can see yourself while you are filming to make sure you are in the centre of the screen. You then set your camera up on a tripod so it sits in front of your pc screen. You then make sure your script is written in Microsoft word or on a note pad then you copy and paste it into a free program called Cue Prompter.

At www.cueprompter.com you can access for free, an autocue program like they use on tv. You simply open up the program and paste in your text where it says, write or cut and paste your script here. You can then start the text running on your pc monitor, you can control the speed the text is shown.

Then you simply read out your text and while you are reading you are looking directly into the camera as it’s in front of the screen you are reading from. If you make a mistake which I usually make quite a few, no problem only you know about it, you just press stop and try again, you can edit out any mistakes later.

I use a paid product called Camtasia which is the Rolls Royce of video making, but it is expensive at over $200. But there is a free one on your windows pc called widows movie maker or imovie for a mac, or one called jing which is a free version of camtasia. I have put together a training video to show you cue prompter in action and I will be making another video covering the editing of your videos.

So what are you waiting for, just give it a try. Only you will see the results until you are completely happy with it and don’t worry about your voice, everyone hates the sound of their own voice on video but it sounds fine to everyone else. So don’t forget click the blue link below to watch the video and who knows you could be the next Stephen Spielberg.

Click here to watch the video

Please be patient while it downloads.

To your continued success



  • Sky Nealon

    Reply Reply March 20, 2014

    HI Mike,

    Entering the video creation world is always a daunting experience for anyone new, but after creating the first one, it becomes very natural and after a few more, making videos soon start to become fun and enjoyable. Like you have mentioned, I personally find my voice to high pitched, squeaky and annoying, but I remember that I’m not going to be watching it over and over again, and in the video creation process, I also try to do everything in one take so when it comes to editing, it’s just a matter of dropping the clip and exporting it.

    I will check out cue-prompter as it seems like a better idea than trying to read text from a printout

    Kind regards

  • Torsten Müller

    Reply Reply March 23, 2014

    Hi Mike,

    doing videos is definitely one of the biggest steps out of our comfort zone. One which Sky managed perfectly already.:)
    I think it is something we just need to get used to over time and with practice.
    Thanks for the tip of using cue-prompter, it will come in handy soon.


  • Graham Lawler

    Reply Reply March 31, 2014

    Nice blog Mike,
    I also use Camtasia but make sure I don’t personally appear, just as a voice over ( I am a part-time internet radio dj, see http://www.solidgoldgem.am)

    I like camtasia for educational vids, I used to be a maths teacher and make ed vids for kids.
    so thanks for this

  • Nigel Griffiths

    Reply Reply March 31, 2014

    Hiya Mike,
    Great vid & very useful!…I have never heard of cueprompter.com so thanks for that!! I have been doing a few vid’s of me talking using my webcam for a different website than the P2S one & I have a nightmare….I get the 1st bit licked & then keep messing up on the later part!! so it takes more & more time!!
    I do keep coming across Camtasia but can’t justify $200 for what I do at present! Never looked at ‘Movie Maker’ either…I have been using the MS one (name escapes me & not on this laptop)…not sure if the P2S program has a suggestion in store….I suppose we shall see soon enough.
    Great post Mike, thanks!

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