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good head shoot to uploadHi Mike Rylance here, and I just wanted to give you the chance to follow my progress on John Thornhills Partnership to Success Programme. This is a 12 month program that takes you from beginner to creating and launching your first minimum of 3 products. John will support me all the way and help me market the products using his own personal army of affiliate marketers. I felt this would take me to the next level having my own products to sell and build relationships with Johns affiliates. So this is week one where I need to get myself a domain name and a hosting account and set up my blog and add my first posts. If you want to be kept up to date on my progress just input your fist name and best email address in the optin form on the right hand side of this post and you will automatically be informed by email everytime I create a new post so you will never miss out on my progress.

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