Never Be Afraid To Dream

cute-baby-1192538-sI know its hard when you first start out to really believe you can do anything you want, but where would we be without dreamers.

Most inventions started off as a dream, a small idea in someones head. Maybe as a child, but if you keep on following that dream and never give up eventually if you keep working at it you will achieve it.

In a recent interview with Richard Branson he was saying from being a child he always dreamed of going into space and as he got older and the technology advanced he started to search for experts to help make his dream come true.

He registered the name Virgin Galactic way back in 1980s after being asked about going into space on a kids tv show. Because even then he believed it to be possible. Fast forward a few decades and check out the short video below of its first test flight.

It will be taking its first VIP passengers up into space in the next 12 months or so. Visit his site here and if you have $250,000 you can actually buy a real ticket.

Surley if a dream as impossible sounding as this can come true almost anything can be achieved if you stick at it long enough.

Even the hover board from the film Back to the future which surley is science fiction will be with us at the end of this year, check out the video trials below, unbelieveable.

Sorry couldn`t resist that one, but you get the idea.

This one is totally genuine, power laces for 2015 but not quite as spectacular.

Now it`s your turn to follow that dream.

Do something amazing today and make a commitment to change your life for the better.

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