What Is The Biggest Time Waster That Stops You Working On Your Business

clock-in-a-busy-street-905597-sSome useful ways to get the best use from your time.
Stop wasting time when working on your pc

What is the biggest time waster that stops you working on your pc

Well you won`t be surprised to learn its checking and dealing with emails. You need to learn to control your urge to constantly be checking them and to create a more efficient system for managing them.

One way of doing this is to create a new email address specifically for any emails you get from marketers when you sign up for free reports etc.

Then separate all the marketers individually by name, setting up a separate folder for each, now if you want to find anything you only need to check by looking in that marketers folder.

Then click on the link at the bottom of each marketers emails and change your email address over to the new one or unsubscribe to any you no longer think are of any benefit to you.

You can also send any to your spam folder that keep on sending them to your old email address. You now have your personal emails from your family friends etc separate where it will only take a few minutes to check them each time you feel the need.

The marketers emails just check every few days or better still weekly and that should probably save you a good hour a day if you are on several marketers email lists.

Hope this helps you become more productive.

To your continued success


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